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Foreningen Homosexuella Läkare or Swedish Association of Gay and Lesbian Physicians and Dentists.

All gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (hbt) or queer physicians, dentists or students are welcome as members. We also have honorary members and supporting members. Everybody can be a supporting member.

This year we celebrate our 26 years anniversary. We are Sweden's oldest Association for gay professionals and have a yearly weekend conference, membership meetings and other activities especially during Stockholmpride and Europride.

We will arrange an international conference for gay physicians and dentists on "Hiv-infection in a medical history perspective" with Karin johannisson. Wellknown Swedish professor of medicine history. The conference will be in Söderköping October 11-13 2013
We also work on education about the hbt community for health professionals and how to take care of members from the community in the health care system.

This Europride in Stockholm 2014 we have a tent with medical service in Pride Park. You are welcome to visit us there and you can also sign up for our member´s dinner Friday August 2 at 8 p m.

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FHL - Föreningen Homosexuella Läkare
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